May 20, 2019BY Samkeet Shah

List of Top Myths about studying in the UK

So you’re considering moving to the UK for your  studies but are worried about the dreaded notorious British weather, the vast amounts of money you will be spending, the lack of food choices.

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Stop Worrying ! Don’t fall for these misconceptions about the UK. To set the record straight we’ve compiled a list of top myths about studying in the UK.Together we will tackle these popular myths abut studying in the UK to help put your mind at ease.

It’s very Expensive !

This is the most common myth about studying in the UK. Agreed, but the British pound is an expensive currency but exchange rates alone don’t decide the cost of education. Student discounts are widely available across the country on everything from food to books. That’s not all, the UK offers hundreds of scholarships to international students. Sometimes to the tune of 100% of tuition costs. There are a variety of student funding opportunities available to help make the cost of your studies abroad more affordable.

Myth: Everyone is drinking and going out all the time

Sure, students in the UK are notorious for drinking and going out at night. There is a chance you may enjoy it too. However there are other things you can do, if you don’t partake. Did you know alcohol consumption has been declining over the past few years in the UK. More alcohol-free events, and even alcohol-free accommodation, are available now, so that all students can feel included. You can partake in the student drinking culture but if you don’t want to, you’re sure to find like-mined who don’t enjoy drinking. 


Myth: If you aren’t dropping dead at night, you’re doing it wrong

Studying in the UK is definitely not a walk in the park. It’s very common,to be partying, studying or socializing through the day and into the night, with some sleep peppered in. It’s important to realize that university is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t push yourself too much, remember time management is key while studying in the UK. Mastering the skill of daytime napping will go a long way to sustain you.

Myth: Culture makes it difficult for foreigners to mingle

The British do have a tendency to be reserved but most of them will be polite and friendly if you try and have a conversation with them. Don’t worry about making friends , you’re at university, everyone is keen to make friends. There are also a ton of student societies covering a wide range of activities, interests and sports.  Joining these student societies are a sure of way of meeting people who enjoy the same things as you. 

Myth: UK is known for its food challenges (restricted options)

This is a very common myth about studying in the UK, that the food is awful and restricted in variety. The UK food scene is highly multicultural with food from all over the world. You can find aisles in supermarkets dedicated to global food and ingredients so that you can make your own if you’re missing food from home. You will also find a lot of food specialty store selling ingredients from different parts of the wold. Feeding yourself while studying in the UK has never been easier.

Myth: The negative impact of Brexit

It is an established fact that Brexit is going to be a boon for Indians studying in the UK. The increasing number of student visas given to Indians is an indicator of the UK’s welcoming policies. Post Brexit, Indians and EU applicants will have an equal footing while applying for visas. The UK government is currently considering multiple options to make the country more welcoming for international students. For more information about how Brexit is good for Indian students, Click Here.

Myth: Horrible Weather

Ahh.. save the best for last. Issues about the notorious British weather are #1 misconception that people have about studying in the UK. Let’s be honest that the UK doesn’t have sunshine all year round but they do get a reasonable amount of sunshine.  The UK experiences four distinct seasons with summer in the UK being extremely pleasant and something that everyone looks forward to.

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