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According to the World Travel Organisation, Hospitality will be the world’s largest industry by 2020. Several schools in Switzerland are already boasting three jobs on average, per student on the successful completion of their courses/degrees. European countries such as Switzerland, Sweden and Austria, amongst others, have long been some of the most sought after destinations for students looking to gain the right skills and qualifications. This is perhaps why Switzerland has the highest concentration of schools dedicated to the hospitality and service industry.

A typical Hospitality course is taught through a healthy mix of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experience. Methods of teaching include:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Project Work
  • Internships
  • Often a chance to study abroad for a semester

Hospitality courses are both demanding and stimulating in equal measures. Add to that the diversity that comes along with studying in a European country – one has a uniquely rewarding experience can look forward to a broad range of career opportunities.

Due to being the core of the service industry, hospitality inculcates one with life skills that are applicable to a plethora of other industries and workplaces, globally!

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