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Canada PR

Why Migrate Abroad?

Settling abroad in one of the world’s leading countries is one of the most life changing experiences. Some of the important reasons why people settle abroad are:

  • Better salary and job opportunities.
  • Higher standard of living
  • More stable political environment
  • Vibrant multicultural and safe cities
  • Better healthcare and education environment
  • High standard and free education for children

What Makes MoveCoast Different?

MoveCoast as a consultant cares and understands what a client wants and how to provide a professional service. At MoveCoast the entire process for Canada PR is handled and processed by RCIC agent Mr. Anoolal (Rno.) a citizen of Canada, who has been in this profession since the last 29 years. As a client of MoveCoast, you will be in the hands of a professional lawyer with a hassle-free service.

The MoveCoast Canada PR Process.

Our Full Service & Processing Includes:

  • Document checklist
  • Complete migration processing & application processing
  • Forms & Documentation Filing.
  • Guidance on acquiring the specific police clearance certificate
  • Assistance with medicals
  • Updates & follow-up with the Embassy
  • Visa interview preparation – if required
  • Job search assistance

Everything You Need To Know

Move coast helps you to take the right decisions with our comprehensive immigration solutions. We analyse your profile and suggest the best solution that meets your personal and professional goals. Learn more about how the system works to figure out how we can help you:

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