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May 24, 2019BY MoveCoast

It’s Canada Time! 

Your definitive guide on how to apply for the Canada Permanent Residency (Canada PR), loaded with information on the CRS, eligibility criteria and a Downloadable Checklist at the end!

Thanks to the Express Entry Canada PR System, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Canada is this decade’s immigration destination.

Have I got you hooked already? If yes, great. If not, I am sure these statistics will convince you on how Canada is welcoming immigrants from across the globe with open arms.

  1. Canada targets to welcome 1.3 million new immigrants between 2018 and 2021
  2. Estimates suggest that over 70,000 Indians will move to Canada each year between 2019 and 2021
  3. More than half of Toronto’s (Canada’s financial and economic capital) population is immigrant

Coming back to the point – So how do you get a Canada PR, and become a part of this phenomenal growth story? Read on to know more about Canada’s CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) based Express Entry Scheme, and what you need to do prepare your application.

Under the Express Entry, you could be classified as a Federal Skilled Worker or a Federal Skilled Trade Program.

By and large, if you have a Bachelors or Masters Degree or a PhD,  you would be classified as a Federal Skilled Worker. If you have graduated from high school, but don’t hold a higher education degree or diploma, you would be classified as a Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP). 

So to start with, figure out which category you would belong to, as the process would vary for each.

In this article, I will focus on the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category.

To begin with, let’s understand how Canada’s CRS System for the Express Entry works.

Under the CRS, candidates are assigned a score out of 1200. A number of factors such as age, academic qualification, marital status, English proficiency, work experience etc drive this score. 

To help you understand the factors impacting the Canada PR CRS Score, we have developed a neat framework called AQIES. Read our article on how you can improve your Canada CRS Score.

Canada PR

Essentially, the better you do on these factors, the higher your score. Note that your CRS score is not a selection criteria for the Canada PR, but rather a cut-off point. Don’t worry if you don’t follow this point entirely yet, just make a mental note of it.

Main takeaway then – do well on critical factors like age, academic qualification, English proficiency, work experience. This will help you get a high CRS score towards your Canada PR.

Now, like you, millions of others are aspiring for the Canadian Dream, and so they too will vie for a high CRS score. So what do all of you do? You submit your initial application, i.e. your Expression of Interest (EOI) with your score.  

To run a dummy test on how much you could score, check out the official CRS Guidance Tool

In such a case, the Immigration Officers in Canada are spoiled for choice. So what will they do? Pick the best candidates, of course. However, known for their niceness, Canadians will be super fair! They will declare a cut-off (449 out of 1200, for example), which means everyone with a score of 449 and above will be given an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Now, our friends in Immigration don’t arrive at the number 449 randomly. There a simple economic concept  of Demand & Supply at play.

They decide how many ITAs they want to issue each fortnight, i.e. two draws every month, and based on that they arrive at what would be the threshold for that fortnight.

And that’s how the CRS works!

So, you have made it so far – that means Canada wants you. Now you just need to provide documents to prove that the facts you have stated are authentic. Basically, you need to show that you have said the truth and nothing but the truth – that you actually are 29 years old and that you actually have that MBA you claim to have. It’s that simple!

Do all this, and then wait for about 6 months, and lo and behold, one day you will receive that gilded email with your Canada PR!

To know more about Canada PR, Canada Immigration and if you are eligible to apply please schedule a 1-on-1 free consultation with our Immigration Counselors.

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