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May 11, 2019BY Hussain Shabbir

Canada Investor Visa Programs

Large Multi-Nationals Companies are increasingly shifting base to Canada.

Some of the lowest operating costs and taxes in the G20. Specialized Workforce. Geographical Advantage. Access to capital.

These are just some of the reasons that world-class companies are setting up shop in Canada, expanding existing up operations or establishing R&D centers in the country.

Its time for you to catch up. This blog will outline the various business immigration programs that Canada offers and best sectors to invest in. 

Canada offers incalculable business opportunities extending from the Automotive sector, Pharmaceuticals, Internet Technology, Telecommunication and Hospitality to name some. These businesses will provide you the opportunity to establish a position in untapped markets and will serve as your gateway to extend your horizons. With a growth rate of 113% and the total venture capital invested soaring to about 5 Billion CAD per annum, investing in Canada seems to have achieved a pinnacle which is sure to entice more investors. Getting into the country hasn’t always been easy for Indian nationals but investing in business is one of the best ways to enter the Canadian market if you’re not an IT professional and is a great way to get a permanent residency in the country.

 Below are some of the recommended businesses that you can invest into which will be your gateway to a Canadian citizenship:

  • Real Estate Business: To invest in Real Estate in Canada is a modest option as Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, has plots 5 to 10 times more competitively priced than Vancouver or Toronto, making it a real buy. It is possible to buy a first home of $150,000 to $200,000 with a down-payment of as little as $40,000 and this pocket friendly investment has hit a record high mark in the Canadian Real Estate market. In Quebec, since 1960, the value of properties seemed to have doubled every 10 to 12 years. A house that was sold for 10,000 CAD in 1960, cost around $20,000 in 1970, $40,000 in 1980, $80,000 in 1990, $160,000 and $320,000 in 2013. There have been slow timesbut the investors continue to earn an healthy amount of profit in the long run.
  • Restaurant Business: There are a numerous reason for you to feel confident about investing in the Restaurant Industry in Canada. Canada’s economy is operating at full capacity, unemployment is very low, these factors provide a strong backdrop for the Restaurant Business. The cultural mix of citizens has increased the demand for world cuisine. Total restaurant industry sales are projected to surpass $93 billion this year. Adjusted to menu inflation of 3 percent, the foodservice sales are ought to grow by 1.4 percent this year which is a significant boost as compared to 2018.
  • E-Commerce: Electronic Commerce markets have matured in the past decade. As of 2018, E-Com retail trade sales in Canada has reached up to almost 1.6 Billion CAD, and the revenue generated from the retail e-commerce market is expected to surmount 55 billion CAD by 2020 from 40 billion in 2019. Some of the most popular shopping categories are Fashion, Travel and household goods. By 2020 the percentage of smartphone users using e-wallets from major tech companies in Canada will be doubled from 7% in 2016 to 15% in 2019.

If you are planning to apply for a Canada PR, then these are the five best immigration plans for investors:

  • Province of Quebec Immigrant Investor Program: This program requires you to invest $800,000 CAD with the government of the Province of Quebec. This amount is interest free. Within 2-3 years to this investment you obtain permanent residence which entitles you and your immediate family to enter Canada. The full amount is refunded to you by the government of Province of Quebec at the end of the 5 years. The investment you make here is used by Quebec for economic development. If $800,000 Canadian sounds steep then you can also acquire loan from a financial intermediary, this way investors can rid themselves from the burden of $800,000. The cost of the loan is just under $220,000 Canadian.
  • Section 205 Work Visa: This program requires you to establish your own company in Canada, registering it with Revenue Canada, opening your bank account and depositing money in it for company’s use. The business that you open must in some way benefit Canadians, either economically or socially or culturally. If your business achieves the following criteria, then getting a Canadian Visa should be a piece of cake. Processing takes less than six months. After one year of success in the business you can apply under the Canadian Experience Class for permanent residence.
  • Inter-Corporate Transferee Work Visa: If you are transferred from your company abroad to an affiliated Canadian company to work as a manager, executive or a person with specialized knowledge then you can obtain Canadian permanent residence. A couple of conditions: 1) You should have worked with the affiliated Canadian company for at least one year in the last three years. 2) Your job in Canada should be similar to the job you were performing in your country. If you qualify, you will get a work visa for up to four years. Processing time for Inter-Corporate Transferees is around 6 months. After one year you can apply for Canadian Experience Class for permanent residence.
  • Provincial Nominee Program(PNP): Many provinces in Canada have their own immigration programs. This program is for those individuals:
  • 1) Whose skills can contribute to the economy of the respective province the individual has applied for
  • .2) Who want to live in that province.
  • 3) Want to become permanent resident of Canada. 
  • You can apply for a particular province only if the skills you possess are required by the province you are applying for. As a part of the process you will have to pass a medical exam and acquire a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate). These checks are mandatory irrespective of where you plan to reside in Canada.
  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program: 
  • To be eligible for this program you must:

  1)  have net assets of at least 300,000 CAD

  2) experience of running a business for at least two years in the last five years, while controlling at least 25% of the capital equity.

  3)Acquire at least 25% of the equity of a business in Quebec by investing at least 100,000 CAD

The application will be assessed based on the following factors:

  • Your age
  • The nature and duration of your training
  • English Proficiency
  • Your personal traits and your knowledge of Quebec.

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